Dishwasher Faucet Adapter, Dishwasher Snap Adapter, 55/64-27 Thread with Small Diameter Nipple, Chrome Plated, Brass

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Size:High Pressure  |  Color:Faucet to Dishwasher(15/16"-27outside threads+55/64"-27 inside threads) Hibbent Dishwasher Snap Faucet Adapter Product Features: 1.Features 15/16-inch diameter 27 outside Threads 55/64-inch diameter inside Threads 2.Made of brass and chrome finished 3.Offers a snap connection 4.Extremely easy-to-install 5.Swivel ball joint for adjusting direction Specification: 1.Material: Brass 2.Finish: Chrome 3.Weight:60g 4.Height:5cm/ 2inch Package including: 1* dishwasher faucet adapter 1* user manual Installation: Step1: Shut off the faucet valve firstly. Step2: Remove the old faucet aerator off in counter clockwise direction. Stap3: According to your Faucet Types: 1. If Female Faucet, please Screw dishwasher adapter on directly with the white washer. 2. If Male Faucet, please remove the white washer and then Screw dishwasher adapter on tightly. Step4: Open the faucet and check whether leaking. Step5: Connect the dishwasher water supply hose to the adapter.And screw tightly then check whether leaking or not.
  • 1.Dual Threads: Hibbent dishwasher faucet adapter features both 15/16"-27 outside threads(Male) and 55/64"-27 inside threads(Female).
  • 2.360-Degree Swivel Ball Joint: You can adjust the adapter to fit for your dishwasher hose and swivel to avoid hose tangle.
  • 3.Easy to Install: Hibbent dishwasher adapter offers a snap connection to make installation easier.
  • 4.Multi Purposes: Fits new dishwashers and washing machines.
  • 5.Brass Material: Made of chrome-plated brass for greater durability.
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