Hand-held portable washing machine, by 3 7-cell batteries and 5ml of water can wash the local clothes, you can wash 24 kinds of stains (brown)

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Color:Brown Ultrasonic Cleaning machine with beautiful design , touch control panel with led backlight. Put the generator at the center of the container,ensure it totally immersed in the bottom .You can also easily remove surface stains, remove up to 24 stains, blood, fruit juice, lipstick, fat, simple, fast, clean and energy saving. Ultrasonic Washing machine is a device that aims to revolutionize cleaning laundry and hygiene in our daily lives by using ultrasonic cleaning technology. Its modulated ultrasonic waves travel through water to disintegrate dirt and bacteria. Its whole surface is ultrasonic(not just one side) and generates 700 ultrasonic vibrations per second. Ultrasonic Washing machine cleans almost anything Cirsum Ulrasonic Device Using Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology to clean at the microscopic level allows you to clean like never before. Cirsum Ultrasonic Portable It is Ultra Portable Just the size of a mobile phone,take anywhere with you. It is portable,good for frequent travelers. You can caryy this small but powerful clenaning device in your luggage wherever you go.
  • -- Mini portable washing machine, washing machine in your hand, you can wash clothes wherever you are.
  • --Electric hammer head (with liquid inside): It is driven by 3 7-cell batteries and can generate 700 frequency beats per minute. It can be used with ordinary clothes cleaning agent to achieve more powerful cleaning effect by hand washing. Wet a large piece of clothing that can be partially cleaned.
  • - Strong extrusion, deep cleaning, 700 times / minute strong extrusion, penetrating fiber, deep cleaning.
  • -- Clean the stains, only need 5 ml of water, wash it and wear it immediately.
  • --It can be cleaned in 30 seconds, and 24 kinds of stains such as blood stains and oil stains can be quickly cleaned. The common stains are washed for 30 seconds, and the stubborn stains are effective for 120 seconds.
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