Wool Dryer Balls Laundry - 6 Unscented French Lavender Embroided Organic Fabric Softener,Pet Hair Remover Lint-Free Wrinkle Release Alternative to Dryer Sheets, Gifts for Women

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Color:French Lavender Lambid Dryer Balls Are Made From Top-rated Pure New Zealand Lambswool. The Sheep Are Well Cared For And Raised In The Wide Open, Grassy Pastures By Farmers. The 6 Pack Dryer Balls Are Unscented And Undyed. Directly From The New Zealand Happy, Healthy Lambs To You. The Lavender Flower On The Balls Are Needle-Felted By Tibetan Artisan Women. Organic, Eco-friendly,Hypoallergenic, 100% Safe for Babies And Those with Senstive Skin. They Eliminate Wrinkles, Anti Static,Remove Pet Hair, Speed up Drying Time, Soften Clothes Without Chemicals, So Completely Unlike Dryer Sheets and Liquid Fabric Softener! They Tumble Gently To Prevent Your Blankets And Sheets From Balling Up. They Work Magically To Pick Up Pet Hair, Lints, Fur and Fuzz. They are Super Cute And Long Lasting, Reusable Up To 1,500 Loads. It's Time To Say Goodbye To Dryer Sheets And Liquid Fabric Softener. Let's Change Your Boring Laundry Days to Exciting and Fun Days. Great Gifts for Moms!
  • 6 Lot, Jumbo Size,Unscented,Without Any Scent of Lavender!
  • Finest Pure New Zealand Lambswool (Cruel-Free Sheepshearing).Premium Grade, Glossy,Silky Soft! We Never Use Inferior Blended Wool Or Smelly Cheap Wool(Which Will Make Your Clothes Stink Like A Farm).The Purple Flower is Hand Stitched With Love.
  • Speed up Drying Time. Anti Static, Remove Wrinkles,Help to Collect Dog Hair,Cat Hair, Fur and Lints. Prevents The Blankets and Sheets From Balling Up. An Eco Alternative to Dryer Sheets and Liquid Fabric Softner.
  • Solid and Sturdy Build-up. Bouncy, No Shed! The Woolen Drier Balls are with Deluxe Embroidered Lavender Pattern.Simply Toss the Dryer Balls to Soften And Fluff Your Clothes With An Added Bonus Of Saving Drying Time And Money.Super Durable, Could Last for Years!
  • The Lambid Dryer Balls are 3'' in XL Size and Almost 55g Individually.Hand Felted by Tibetan Artisan Women.Organic,Hypoallergenic,Chemical-Free. Great for Babies,Expectant Mothers or Anyone with Sensitive Skin.
  • It's an Ideal Gift for Your Mom, Wife, Friends and the One Your Really Care for! Why Not Get One Set for Your Laundry Queen Now? She Will Definitely Love it!
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