Furniture Dolly Rollers Adjustable Movable Base with 4 Rubber Locking Swivel Wheels and 4 Strong Feet Yellow Refrigerator Fridge Stand Base for Refrigerator Washing Machine Washer Dryer

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Size:4 Wheels 4 Feet  |  Color:Yellow Features- Ultra-strong rigidness, press resistance and anti-corrosion.- Effectively reduce the washing machine vibration and noise.- Durable, sturdy, adjustable dimension and convenient movement.- Easily adjust the sturdy poles to suit the larger furniture.- Maintaining ventilation of the bottom, anti-rust and easy to be moved.Moving has never been easier- 4 Rubber Swivel Wheels: Make moving heavy objects easy and ensure your furniture will not roll.- 4 Adjustable Strong Feet: You can adjust the height of mobile base to suitable height by rotating petal shaped object on each feet.Strong stability can prevent the washing machine from shaking violently during use and preventing noise.Specification- Color: Yellow- Weight Capacity: 400 lbs- Maximum Width: 25.5 inches- Maximum Length: 25.5 inches- Minimum Width: 18.5 inches- Minimum Length: 19.5 inches- The Height of 4 Wheels: 4.3 inches- The Height of 4 Feet: 3.94 - 5.12 inchesPackage- 4 x Rubber Swivel Wheels- 4 x Adjustable Strong Feet- 4 x Anti-skid Pads- 4 x Double-layer Structure Poles- 1x Screwdriver- 16 x Screws- 1 x Installation InstructionsInstallation1. Connect the triangle bases with the connecting tubes.2. Move the connecting tubes to adjust the size of the base.3. Adjust the connecting tubes in the center through the holes on the back.4. Fix the size by pressing the button lock.5. Adjust the height by twisting the lower ring on the feet.6. Put the base flat and check if the spirit level is in center.7. Fix the height by twisting the upper ring on the feet.8. Stabilize the base by pressing down the button lock on the wheels.NoteIf you put more than 400 lbs weight, the cute dolly will be broken.
  • High Quality Material: This mobile base is made of high-quality materials with strong endurance, and it maintains good stability under extreme conditions, using 25mm high quality connecting tube, which can be adjusted by telescopic, with high corrosion resistance and hardness.
  • Size Adjustable: Maximum width and length: 25.5 - 25.5 inch, Minimum width and length: 18.5 - 19.5 inch. The height of 4 wheels is 4.3 inch. The Maximum Load is 400 lb. You can effortlessly roll a wide variety of items through your house on this portable push dolly.
  • Reduce Noise: The base is attached with antiskid and shock absorption foot pad which could effectively buffer vibration to reduce noise and protect the bottom of household products. 360 degree universal wheel, rubber universal rotation, flexible movement, durable, no damage to the floor, no noise.
  • Unique Design: The base well designed with solid castors. Easy to assemble and adjust and 4 rubber swivel wheels, wheels all lock for extra security. The height of 4 feet is 3.94 - 5.12 inch, keep the bottom ventilated, easy to clean and reduce the water to keep clean, sweep robot can easy get under it.
  • Multiuse Adjustable Dolly: The movable base is mainly used for the bottom of portable washing machines, washer and dryer, freezer and refrigerator, mini fridge or other home appliance.
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