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Product name: Single pass washing machine (with shoe washing function) Usage: Semi-automatic Working mode: Wheel type Product Type: Mini washing machine
  • The machine is small, but powerful, can wash 4 pairs of underwear at a time!It will definitely give you satisfaction if it is well washed
  • Dormitory can not use high-power electrical appliances, single public washing machine can not wash underwear and socks, he just solve these problems for you
  • Strong positive and negative rotation, remove stains, imitating hand washing type wave wheel, strong water impact, strong enough, clean
  • Energy saving and environmental protection, save water and electricity, small power, low energy consumption, washing clothes is not afraid of wasting water and electricity
  • If you have any questions please ask our customer service first, we have the 24 hours of professional service customer service team, they will give you the shortest time to answer
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