22" Large Mexican Style Concave Comal Griddle Outdoor Cooking Disc Wok Stainless Steel Set Propane Burner adj. Fire Stove & Heavy Duty Metal Stand Ideal Restaurant Style Tacos Grilling or Stir Fry

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Comal Concave Stainless Steel 22" Set w/ Propane Burner & Heavy Duty Stand -This 22" Diameter stainless steel Concave Comal Griddle Disc Wok is ideal for all cooking purpose including Tacos, Stir Fry, Deep Frying, Fried fish, BBQ, Carnitas, Barbacoa ,Quesadillas and more. It is made from stainless steel for high durability. -Includes a Heavy Duty Metal Stand 27" Tall -Portable Propane Gas Burner 13" Outdoor Stove Camping Tailgating Super Jumbo with Electric Igniter that includes Hose and regulator Material: Heavy Duty Made Cast Iron Stove Works with most standard Home Propane tanks -Stand made of heavy duty Cast Iron Approx. 19.5" in top diameter & 27" Tall. Some assembly required -Product measures approx. :30" tall x 25" Wide with handles-Stand 27" Tall Weigh: Total weight Approx 35 Pounds
  • Large 22" Stainless Steel Comal Griddle Disc
  • Heavy Duty Removable Cast Iron Propane Burner with Electro Start
  • Sturdy Large 27" Tall Metal Stand
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