Blackstone 1528 600D Polyester Heavy Duty Flat top Gas Grill Cover, Water Resistant Exclusively Fits 36" Griddle Cooking Station, Black

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Blackstone has got your Griddle covered! (Like literally) When the pleasant barbeque season is over, your Griddle is out there in the cold for months to go. If proper protection is not taken, there can be multiple problems, including debris ruining the grates, birds building nests inside and the rainwater rusting your Griddle. Blackstone griddle cover will act as a shield and protect your Griddle from the elements while also extending its life. Your Griddle will stay clean and safe in the backyard until it's time to get Griddlein' again. Our premium Griddle cover protects your Griddle from: • Rain • Wind • Snow • Corrosion • Dust • Tree Pollen • Pests • Leaves • Grit • Sun Features: • Windproof: The buckle closure fastens beneath the griddle and prevents it from blowing off in the wind • Won't be an eyesore: The gas Griddle cover is designed in solid black color and accented with an elegant Blackstone logo in the center • Easy to put on and off: The buckle closure makes it convenient to put on and remove the cover • Flexible: Although we have used double-layered canvas fabric, the griddle cover is flexible and easy to maneuver • Easy to maintain and keep clean: Any mess, bird droppings, or dust can be wiped clean or removed with a hose Built to last through the roughest of weather and harsh conditions: • All-weather resistant: Won't fade in scorching heat or crack in freezing weather • Water-resistant: Water simply rolls off the cover and keeps your Griddle clean and dry in rains • Double layer canvas: Durable enough to withstand years of heavy-duty use • Reinforced corners: Prevents the cover from tearing and ripping Compatibility: • Blackstone 36" Griddle Never worry about keeping your Griddle out in the patio again. Wrap it up in Blackstone Griddle cover and ensure its safety year-round.
  • KEEP OUT THE ELEMENTS: Sun, snow, hail, dust, dirt, or grime, don't let anything ruin your expensive investment. Blackstone barbecue Griddle cover effectively covers your Griddle and protects it against Mother Nature's harsh stressors
  • RELIABLE & DURABLE: Made with heavy-duty canvas, Griddle cover can take up the beating without wearing out. The all-weather resistant material resists fading or cold cracking while the double-layered construction and reinforced stitching prevent tearing
  • WINDPROOF: The durable poly-resin buckles of our heavy duty Griddle cover clips underneath the griddle base and keeps the cover secure when things get too windy. The buckle closure also makes it easy to put on and remove the cover
  • COMPATIBILITY: This Blackstone Griddle cover is custom-designed to fit the Blackstone 36" Griddle with Shelf Attached and the Blackstone Tailgater
  • ELEGANT & SLEEK: Griddle Griddle cover comes in a neutral black color that won't clash with your backyard or patio décor. Because this BBQ Griddle cover is form-fitted, they provide a sleek, stylish and polished appearance
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