Insignia™ - 5-qt. Digital Air Fryer - Stainless Steel

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If you want to eat healthier without giving up all your favorite fried foods, look no further than the Insignia digital control air fryer. By circulating hot air, this air fryer creates a crispy outer layer that locks in moisture. The technology cooks your food using little to no oil, resulting in a tasty, healthier alternative to deep frying. A preprogrammed menu provides cook times and temperatures for a variety of foods, and its large capacity gives you plenty of space to prepare favorites for the whole family. The air fryer's BPA-free construction keeps unhealthy chemicals out of your food, and a stainless steel finish helps give your kitchen a refined, polished look. Cleanup is easy with the dishwasher-safe basket and pan – no need to discard leftover oil ever again.
  • Circulates hot air to cook food with little to no oil, resulting in less fat than in traditional fryers.
  • A temperature range of 180-400°F (82.2-204.4°C) lets you fry, roast, or bake your favorite foods.
  • A digital interface takes the guesswork out of cooking with a preprogrammed cook times and temperatures for popular foods.
  • A large 5-quart (4.8L) basket holds 3-5 servings of food.
  • Allows you to cook your food from 0 to 60 minutes.
  • This stylish finish offers a polished look that looks great in your kitchen and is easy to clean.
  • A helpful guide helps you prepare delicious appetizers, entrées, and desserts.
  • Quick and easy to clean with a dishwasher-safe basket and pan.
  • Prevents unhealthy chemicals from leaching into your food.
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