LCF Portable Mini USB Ultrasonic Washing Machine Small Automatic Washer Laundry Cleaning for Jewelry Fruit Vegetable Clothes Underwear Tooth Glasses

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  • ▲Imitate the hand-washed pulsator, refuse the washing machine "violent washing", No more headaches, washing clothes.
  • ▲Automatically protect and shut down after 15 minutes of washing work. Reconnect the USB power supply for 5 minutes to use.
  • ▲The turbine can be efficiently and 360° quickly interacts with ultrasonic and clean clothing. Water-saving and energy-saving, the same amount of clothing saves 2/3 of water consumption, suitable for 1kg (water) personal laundry.
  • ▲Lightweight and portable, you can carry it in your pocket or handbag. Wash clothes, save space, money and water. Meet the needs of life and use it safely.
  • ▲Not only for T-shirts, shirts and towels, but also for fruits and vegetables, jewelry, glasses and other small items. You can clean your clothes anytime, anywhere.
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