LCF Small USB Ultrasonic Washing Machine Automatic Washer Turbine Washing Machine for Jewelry Fruit Vegetable Clothes Underwear Tooth Glasses

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Product description It is great for delicate clothes and materials that need special care. Using this will allow partial treatment on these delicate materials and clothing to make your favorite clothes last longer. Feature Charging: USB rechargeable Ultrasonic decontamination technology efficient and accurate 30 seconds maximum speed harmless to skin or clothing Whispering quiet operation Multi-function, multi-function Portable portable size specification: Lithium battery: 2200mAh Frequency: 50kHz Product size: 15cm * 3.6cm
  • ●Versatile Multi-object Washer: Can remove up to 99 kinds of stains, such as wine, blood, soy, lipstick and more. Not only can be a laundry stick, also can be used for fruit and vegetable, jewelry, watch, glasses, etc.
  • ●Intelligent Ultrasonic Technology: Innumerable water bubbles generated by ultrasonic waves and burst in clothing fiber surface, caused solid molecule decomposition and break away.
  • ●Efficient Stain Remover: Say goodbye to traditional scrub cleaning ways, 30 seconds to remove fresh stain easily, much cleaner than automatic washer.
  • ●Safe & Whisper Quiet: No harm to clothing and skin without detergent and decolorizer, no annoyance about clothing dye. Small area of pen point clean spot as you want more accurately.
  • ●Portable & Easy to Use: Handy size (15*3.6*2cm), keep it in your pouch or bag when you travel or dating outside, inadvertent small stain never be an embarrassment any more.
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