LCF Underwear Panty Washing Machine - Automatic High Temperature Cooking and Sterilization Female Washing Machine Mini Cleaning Underwear

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  • ▶ 2 levels of cleaning strength, to deal with different stains, strong mode cleaning time increased by 20 minutes, cleaning and sterilization is stronger, suitable for slight blood stains or a little more stains.
  • ▶ No need to wait after starting, take off and dry within 24 hours.
  • ▶ High-temperature boiling cooking system, 5 steps of innovative washing methods, soaking - washing - boiling - rinsing - dehydration.
  • ▶ The special shock absorption and noise reduction module, the sound is lower and softer,the soft sound below 52 decibels, so that the machine does not exist in the work process.
  • ▶Home disinfection,for mothers and children. Underwear, bottles and toiletries can be disinfected to address a variety of household disinfection needs.
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