Charbrofire Replacement Reversible Cast Iron 7404 Grill Griddle for Weber Summit Series Grill Parts 1 Pack

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  • ✅【MORE HEAVIER, LARGER DIAMETER SOLID RODS】 You will get the weber replacement parts two-sided cast iron griddle grill grates that are made of matte enamel cast iron. Weber gas grill parts will last for many years if it's taken care of. ✅【HIGH HEAT RETENTION AND COOK FOOD FAST, DELIVERS EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION】 Heavy duty and more durable than others. retaining and transferring heat ✅ Not like the porcelain coating grate that the coating chips or cracks over time.
  • ✅【DIMENSIONS AND MATERIALS】1 Pack matte enamel weber cast Iron cooking griddle weber gas grill grate, 9.2 x 11.3 x 0.9 inches ✅【COMPATIBLE WITH WEBER GRILL GRATES ORIGINAL PART NUMBER】weber 7404 cast iron griddle, weber 7404 cast iron summit reversible bbq griddle ✅【COMPATIBLE WITH WEBER GAS GRILL MODEL NUMBER】 weber summit charcoal grill parts
  • ✅【FITS WEBER SUMMIT 400 AND 600 SERIES GRILL PARTS】 Perfect for all summit 400/600 series gas grills, such as summit E/S-420, E/S-450, E/S-470, S-460 and more. weber summit e-420 parts, weber summit e-470, weber summit s-470 grill grates, weber summit e-450, weber summit e-470 grill parts, weber summit s-460 parts, 【FITS WEBER SUMMIT 600 SERIES GRILL PARTS】Perfect fits summit E/S-620, E/S-650, E/S-670, S-660 and more. weber 7471001 summit e-670 6-burner natural gas grill black griddle
  • ✅【FITS WEBER SUMMIT SILVER C/D SERIES GRILL PARTS 】(2007 and newer) weber summit silver c ng ss parts, weber summit silver d griddle ✅【FITS WEBER SUMMIT GOLD A/B/D SERIES GRILL PARTS】weber summit gold a grill parts, weber summit gold b grill parts, weber summit gold d grill parts, weber summit gold d cooking grates
  • ✅【FITS WEBER SUMMIT GOLD A6/B6/C4/D4/D6 SERIES GRILL PARTS】 weber summit a6, weber summit gold b6, weber summit gold d grill parts, weber summit gold c4 parts, weber summit d4 griddle, weber summit gold d6 cooking grates 5790001, weber summit platinum b6 ✅【FITS WEBER SUMMIT PLATINUM A6/B6 GRILL PARTS】weber summit platinum A6 parts, weber 42325 summit gold/platinum b6 griddle kit six burne
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