Bread Machine Pizza Dough

We are often asked about Bread Machine Pizza Dough, its quality, its taste and its overall rating as a pizza dough.  So finally I decided to put it all down in one place for you to read.  As a qualifier on my expertise on this subject, I spent my teen years working in a pizza shop making pizza on an almost daily basis.  Pizza Dough is one thing I know.  I have spent many meals of my adult life eating pizza, so I know pizza.

One question I get is: Is Bread Machine Pizza Dough the same quality as hand made pizza dough?  The answer is yes.  The key to any good pizza dough is the ingredients.  Whether those ingredients are mixed by hand or with the paddles of a bread machine, the quality will be the same.  Your hands will just have more energy for stretching and shaping the dough.

A couple more points I would like to make about Bread Machine Pizza Dough:

  • Breadmaker Pizza Dough recipes can also be used to make strombolis or calzones.  Pizza shops use the same dough, and so can you.  It works great, and I love the results I get.

Breadmaker Pizza Dough recipes

  • Make pizza at home with a breadmaker is a great family activity.  The recipes are simple enough that your children can help add them to the bread machine, and they get to watch it mix.  Once finished, they also get to add their favorite toppings.  I have to confess though, with my pizza shop background, I have yet to relinquish control of the stretching and shaping of the dough.  I am still a perfectionist on that front.

  • Always be experimenting-  We have adjusted our recipe so much over the years, it looks very little like the original recipe that Zojirushi supplied.  We have yet to need to throw a batch away.  When you are in the experimenting stage, just add a new ingredient a little bit more with each batch until you get the flavor you want.

I highly recommend Bread Machine Pizza dough, it is simple and tasty, and the outcome is no different than if you mix it by hand.  Just make sure you get the right ingredients.  If you go with the Zojirushi, you will not be disappointed.

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