Gluten Free Bread Machine

  • Celiac Disease- I have 2 brothers that suffer from this.  People with this disease can be so sensitive to gluten it can be deadly.  Following a gluten free diet is vitally important.

  • Autism- Remember when Jenny McCarthy claimed she healed her son from Autism.  Part of the steps she took was removing gluten from his diet.  She is not the only one saying this, but the drug companies want to keep a lid on it.

  • ADD and ADHD- There is a growing movement and a growing number of testimonials that gluten can cause or contribute to ADD and ADHD.  Many families are finding that removing gluten from their children’s diet allows them to reduce or illimate the need for medication.

  • Lack of focus- I know it has a similar tie to the previous, but sometimes people just find they cannot focus even though they are not technically ADD.  Monitor and reduce your gluten in take and see what happens.

  • Energy- People who go off gluten claim to have higher energy than when they were on gluten

  • Weight loss- There is a growing number of individuals that claim that the weight loss benefits of the Atkins Diet was from gluten reduction rather than carb reduction.

Bear in mind, I make none of these claims myself.  This are the things I come across in my daily reading regarding gluten free diets.  I strongly advise you to research it yourself.

Another key feature to look for is the number of mixing paddles the breadmaker offers.  Ideally, while looking at the power, you also want to look for double mixing paddles.  More dense doughs can get bunched up on a single paddle and just spin achieving now kneading.  Double paddles pull at the dough from two different directions therefore allowing the ingredients to be more thoroughly mixed and thus yielding a much better loaf of bread in the end.

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