Review- Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate

The machine is a restaurant quality bread maker that features more than 300 program combinations. It can be used to make anything from cakes to luscious bread loaves.  It is unique and has a patented fruit and nut dispenser add in which makes the bread have a sweet flavor. For health conscious people, there are programs for low carb and gluten free bread. The top detachable lid has see-through windows for you to keep an eye on the bread while it bakes. The lid can also be removed to add ingredients while the baking takes place. An instant recall gives you an hour worth of power to use during a power outage.

The machine is quite easy to use, with a kneading process that is very strong. You can make bread of the same quality more than two times in a week from whole basic wheat. A whole wheat bread process adds extra delays at the beginning, although the plain white scheme works perfectly.

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