Note when selecting rice cooker

Only the new Japanese people willing to spend money to members of the Club Introducing Tasty Rice and happy to pay $10 for a signing premium rice. Only Japanese people play good dare spend about $300 for a rice cooker. Persons with “Specialist Tasting Tasty Rice” in Japan for quite a lot of money, he Toyozou Nishijima – a renowned expert – declared “First delicious meal to enjoy with your eyes, then by smell and finally by sweetness when put in the mouth to chew. “

Electric rice cooker market at about $100 million in Japan, production companies vying rice cooker manufacture new products, better, and of course more expensive. For example, companies can Zojirushi rice cooker with the artificial intelligence conference, which is always cooked delicious, cost about $400. Mashushita the production company’s biggest rice cooker last Japanese had launched electric cooker with 2 cooking step “soak” done before “attractive”, price $600, can cook rice with sweet (called oligosaccharides) to 2.4 times higher rice cooker often. Mishubisi pot made of graphite is very difficult to mass production, every day can only be 50 pcs, price $1,000. Yet within 18 months Mitshubisi sold 20,000 pot.

However, the three companies mentioned above only in the Second row players only, electric cooker with highest levels present in the Toshiba. In early 2007, Toshiba unveiled the first electric rice cooker applying technical suction out the air, then cooked under high pressure. Machine Vacuum Pressure Cooker is made of silver pot and diamond powder can withstand pressure up to 130. The machine will suck all the air out before cooking, allowing each grain more waterproof, while the pressure in the pot of boiling water at a temperature that is higher than normal, so that the rice grain more fat, more smooth and a sweeter taste. Vacuum Pressure Cooker Toshiba has sold more than 700.000 pcs of the retail price is 830 dollars.

Recently, Rice Cooker market appears cooker types originating from many different vendors, which confused customers do not know what is real – fake. Goods made in Japan prices range from 50 – 100 USD/ unit. Every producer in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines … prices from 25 – 40 USD / unit. The price of 20USD / unit production is down in China.

The abundance of such price lead to counterfeit, shoddy appearance much. In the sample code, counterfeit goods are not inferior to genuine products, but prices are much cheaper, confused on sale, so buyers do not easily identifiable. The rice cooker maker is susceptible clones: Sanyo, National, Toshiba, Sharp … An “expert” fix rice cooker said: “In fact, some electric cooker production in China when launching the repair, refurbishment and scrape marks ingenious production … is to become the “genuine”, deceive consumers. “

After a short time if the rice cooker using the coating peeling, no power at the time, it took probably have bought counterfeit goods. To avoid the risk of unfortunate occurs, consumers note: The obvious difference between real and counterfeit goods are smuggled rice cooker from China often do not have the packaging box, and symbols inscribed on the pot No. If imitation is Thailand, Japan … must compare the packaging together with the manual.

Please refer to the price before you buy quality, whether purchased in supermarkets, grocery … or any store. It’s best to buy rice cooker in stores acquaintances.

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