Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer Review

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Everyone wants to cook healthy, nutritious and delicious food for themselves and their families. People keep looking for alternatives and better ways of cooking their meals to get the best possible eating experience. The Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer is the most effective method of cooking your favorite dishes and the exciting part is that now anyone can cook tasty meals with this fryer. You will not need to add excessive oil in the foods you make, ever.

Product Features

Pros There are many positive things to talk about this fryer, some have been discussed below.


  • Some people have complained as to the large size of this Glip oil-less Fryer which they feel makes it a little inconvenient.

  • On the contrary, some complain as to the smallness of the size of provided basket.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Out of a total of nineteen reviews most of the people voted the fryer a five out of five. Five of the people ranked the fryer as four out of five and only one person gave it one out of the total.

Overall the people have given positive reviews and are satisfied with the performance of the machine. One customer goes onto say “Works great, solid purchase” and is happy with the money spent on it. One customer was satisfied with the performance but complained of a strange odor when he cooked French fries.

The average score comes around 4.2 for the Glip AF800 Oil-Less Fryer.


In the end, it can be said that this Oil-Less fryer is an amazing piece of equipment which is best for preparing the healthiest, scrumptious and nutritious meals that a person could need.

The fryer has empowered all to become chefs and make wonderful dishes to serve for their guests or eat for themselves. The Glip AF800 is the ideal oil-less fryer for any household in general.

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