GoWISE USA – Two Hot New Releases of Air Fryer 2015

GoWISE USA brings two most stylish models of electric Air Fryer to market recently. These new models are really very handy to use and the most important thing is that you can have a total oil free food by using the

For those who actually a slight bit confused about the economic consumption of this air fryer, please sit tight because what you’re enduring to hear will be pretty much mesmerizing. What if I told you that you can have your French fries or chips using a negligible amount of oil comparing with the deep fryer fries. Yes, now Air fryer technology comes with the new idea about air frying. What happens in here is that the food becomes cooks with the aid of air circulating in the Air Fryer. This new technology serves to cut down the quantity of cooking oil used for chips or some other type of cooking.

The new 4th generation GW22621 Air fryer becomes popular for its seven built-in programs which are actually working as a preset button. And all these seven buttons are for seven different recipes like meat, fish, steak, chicken, fries, etc. what happens is that this preset button actually programmed the necessary time and temperature for preparing these types of food. So it will help the user to use GoWISE USA new air fryer easier way. The fryer has a large frying chamber which helps to cook enough food at a time.

GoWISE USA GW22622 2nd Generation Electric Air Fryer GW226622 is the 2nd generation Air Fryer from GoWISE USA. This air fryer helps you to get to the favorite food without oil or you can enunciate a little bit oil need to habituate. The fryer gets its popularity because of the detachable basket from the frying chamber. It helps to serve the food more comfortably. And another feature which is also preferable by the users is the two different knobs for the time and temperature. This actually helps to those users who want to use the fryer for hitting up the food for a couple of times.

 Some common features of GoWISE USA air fryer:

As a brand, all the GoWISE USA air fryer has some common features which make the air fryer more attractive and useful for the user.

  • Timer : All the GoWISE USA air Fryer has a timer option which makes the cooking easier. The 30 min timer gets the user option to cook without any tension. The timer also helps to save unwanted wastage of electricity. The air fryer will go to standby mode after the cooking is done.

  • Temperature : The temperature also shows some similarity for all the air fryer from GO-wise. The standard temperature control range starts from 175F to 400F. This temperature range work for all kinds of cooking meat, steak to chicken fry/BBQ and from French fries to juicy wings.

  • Detachable basket : Both these two air fryer has the detachable frying basket option which makes it easy to use for serving a purpose. And also it will be helpful for cleaning the frying chamber easily.

Difference between GW22621 and GW22622 air fryer:

Actually the difference between these two air fryer is not that much. Only there are some alternatives which are dissimilar.

  • I guess the greatest conflict between this two GoWISE USA electric air fryers are the different price. The 4th generation air fryer has a little more expensive price than the 2nd generation.

Benefits of using GoWISE USA Airfryer:

  • Live long: Yes, this is the first and the most effective reason to use the air fryer. You can live a long life without any diseases. Airfryer prevents the use of oil and which helps us to get rid of many life taking diseases.

  • Use food oil to cook: the Air fryer actually uses the oil of the food to cook. It helps to get rid of the extra oil. And also it helps to make the juicy taste that you can have while eating the air fryer cooked food.

  • Save time: The air fryer is mostly popular because of the time consuming and time-saving procedure of cooking. You only need to initiate the process and the respite of the thing will be made out by the fryer.

  • Easy to clean: The best component is that you don’t need to consume your time and energy for cleansing. It’s actually very easy to clean the GoWISE USA Airfryer.

GoWISE USA GW22622 2nd

Consider the pros and cons:


  • Can have all kinds of cooking in this air fryer. Starting from fries, Grill, BBQ, bake etc.

  • 30 Minute time saves the electricity by turn standby mode.

  • Easy to cook.

  • Preset button for most of the dishes like meat, fish, chicken etc.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Odor free environment. There is no option to have a bad smell of oil after cooking.


  • Limited color option.

reasonable price

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