Aroma Deep Fryer Reviews- Aroma ADF 232


-Easy to use timer and digital control

-Protective lid with transparent cover

-Handy side clips for drip drying

  • Dual baskets, extra capacity


  • Timer automatically turns off fryer (pro and con)

  • Lid can be difficult to take on/off

  • Short power cord

  • Takes up lots of counter space

If you are shopping for a new deep fryer, Aroma  ADF 232 Deep Fryer will give you the biggest bang for your buck, and will stand on its own when compared with its  bigger and much more expensive cousins. In this article we will go in depth with the Pros/Cons and our overall recommendation.

Aroma ADF 232 Product Description

Pros and Cons of the ADF 232

  • The fryer is easy to use and the instructions in the manual are simple to follow.

  • It heats very fast.

  • The fryer has easy to use digital control and timer.

  • Dual baskets allow you to cook two dishes next to each other at the same time.

  • Aroma ADF 232 comes with three baskets, one of them very large

  • The lid protects you from splattering hot oil and it has transparent window through which you can watch the process.

  • The clips on the edge of the fryer allow you to let the basked drip for a while.

  • Cooking baskets keep food from sticking to the bottom of the fryer.

  • The timer is programmed to turn off the heating element, making cooking more than one batch impossible.

  • Baskets should be filled only half way for complete submerging in the oil, what means that you cannot put more than several larger pieces of food at once. Cooking smaller foods such as fries or fish nuggets does not provide that problem.

  • The lid is difficult to take off and on.

  • There is no skimmer for the food bits at the bottom, what makes it difficult to keep the oil in the fryer until the next use.

  • It is fairly large and requires lots of space.

  • Power cord is only 2-feet long.

Aroma ADF 232 Technical Specs

15.6 x 14.4 x 11.1 inches ; 12.8 pounds


Stainless Steel; oil pot is enameled







Customer Reviews – What Other Users are Saying

Aroma Deep Fryer reviews seem to back up the assessment that this is a quality fryer. Amazon customers seem to be extremely satisfied with the Aroma ADF-232 – of 229 people who left the review, 118 gave it five stars. Most reviewers are not new to deep fryers and were surprised to get a commercial-quality fryer for the price of $44.

  • Some users  were impressed with this fryer’s flexibility and liked frying in baskets, so that no food got burnt at the bottom They also liked the fact that the oil could be left in the fryer and reused the day later.

Some users

  • Most  liked the fact that he could immerse food into only one quart of oil only and get excellent results.


  • Some have  complained that ADF-232 is too big for their kitchen. Some other customers mentioned the same problem with the large size.

Some have

  • Others  had a problem with the timer – once it starts it cannot be stopped.


  • Some users  commented on the design flaw – the handles on the baskets are removable and fell off when they were taking the basket out of the oil, causing burned fingers.

Some users 

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy It?

Aroma ADF-232 is a commercial deep fryer in everything but the price. Its four quart capacity allows for frying of a large quantity of chicken wings for your Superbowl party. At the same time, two smaller baskets provide the opportunity to fry two dishes which cook at the same temperature to be fried at the same time.

The ADF-232 comes with three baskets and two filters, it is easy to figure out and even easier to clean – everything but the electrical parts can be placed into the dishwasher.

Pre-programmed functions are particularly useful. They cover most popular dishes and take away all the guessing about the right temperature and the appropriate length of cooking. The timer is great when you are cooking for a party and are trying to cook several things at the same time – the timer will stop when the food is done.

ADF-232 has several small design flaws, of which the most important seems to be the fact that some steam is escaping through the lid, requiring the cook to be careful when handling it, but also letting all the undesirable smells of cooking oil to permeate the whole kitchen. Some negative reviews come from the lack of experience with deep fryers.

When customers complained that the fryer could not hold the temperature, they should not forget that frozen food will naturally drop the temperature of the oil when added. The temperature should go back up in 10 minutes or less.

All in all, ADF-232 is a great product for exceptionally affordable price.

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