Presto Cool Daddy Review – A Hands on Review of the Cool Daddy Fryer

When it comes to cleaning, the unit is wonderful with the exception of batter dipped items getting stuck to the basket sometimes. The unit does have some serious downsides which largely render it inefficient to use or purchase.

Cool Daddy Hardware

The hardware of the unit consists primarily of black plastic. The cover of the unit is closed via a handle which also lowers the basket down into the oil to help prevent any splattering of oil. The lid is also able to lock in place which is meant to both reduce odors coming from the unit and to prevent splattering. The lid features a ventilation system consisting of small vents in the unit itself and an underlying (and removable) charcoal filter which will need regular replacement to remain functional.

The front of the unit has the handle which allows closing of the lid and lowering of the basket. This area also has the on/off control and the temperature adjust. Interestingly, though you are able to adjust the temperature of the oil via a switch on the front of the unit, there is no real-time temperature display, so you won’t be sure what the temperature of the oil actually is while you are cooking. This is a significant downside.


The Presto Cool Daddy has a relatively strange look, as far as fryers go. Its shape is somewhat oval, somewhat cube-shaped, and consists primarily of plastic. It comes in two colors; black and white. The front of the unit has the controls and the unit takes power from the bottom of the back of the unit via a removable power cord. The top of the unit has a small viewing window and a vent system to allow odors and excess gas to be released.

In-Use: The Cool Daddy In Action

Putting the unit together is no trouble. It basically comes completely ready to go and the few things that need to be done before use are explained thoroughly in the accompanying documentation. The unit is more flimsy and lightweight than expected. This is not necessarily a problem, it just feels like it should be a bit more sturdy for what it is.

The lid does not always close properly, which is an issue since the lid also lowers the basket into the oil for cooking and is meant to prevent odors and splatter.

Since the lid doesn’t always close, this makes a very dangerous combination.

There is no temperature gauge. You can change the temperature you want the unit to be at, but there is nothing to tell you when the oil has reached that temperature, outside of an indicator light, which does you no good when you are adding and taking things out of the unit (and, thus, changing the temperature of the oil itself). This, combined with the fact that the oil heats up pretty slowly and does not bounce back after food is added, leads to some soggy and very oily finished products sometimes.

Pros: Things I Liked

  • Easy to dispose of oil.

  • Easy to clean.

Cons: Things I didn’t Like

  • Requires the purchase of replacement charcoal filters.

  • There is an odor when cooking and atomized grease will be in the air after use.

  • Battered foods can get stuck to the basket of the unit.

  • Unit will leak if there is too much moisture or ice crystals in the foods that you put inside.

  • Oil doesn’t heat back up very quickly after food is put inside and it doesn’t hold temperature very well.

Conclusion: My Overall Assessment

The odors that come from the unit are not really affected by the charcoal filter at the top that is meant to prevent smells. Finally, the unit itself seems so be somewhat flimsy and less robust than would be expected for something like a home fry unit.


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