Krups Deep Fryer Review – Whats the Deal with the Krups KJ700


  • Large basket

  • Intuitive controls

  • Solid construction quality

  • Unique ventilation system, limits odors


  • A bit pricey

  • Can be hard to store, larger than most fryers

  • Not for beginners

The Krups Deep Fryer is a high-powered appliance capable of making all of your favorite foods, from donuts to French fries and much more. It’s an especially great model for those seeking a simple way to prepare their favorites without the mess and the lingering odors of other deep fryers, as it features ventilation technology that cuts down on aromas.

Krups is a brand that is known for high-performance and efficiency, and though the Krups deep fryer can be on the expensive side compared to other models of deep fryer, buyers know that they will be receiving a great value with this appliance.

  • A 30-minute timer makes it easy for you to gauge how long your food has been cooking, which means that you don’t have to stand over the fryer while your food is cooking. Easily keep an eye on the progress of your favorite dishes, regardless of whether you are preparing meats, donuts, or anything else in the deep fryer.

  • The temperature in a Krups deep fryer is easily adjustable, with a range between 300 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is also displayed in Celsius, an advantage that is sure to appeal to those buyers who aren’t used to cooking with the Fahrenheit system. It proves to be fairly simple to use. All users must do is adjust the temperature to the setting that they desire.

  • Indicator lights are in place to tell you when the deep fryer is ready to use. Simply drop the food into the basket and proceed as usual to cook all of your food favorites. A transparent window in the deep fryer means that you can easily watch your food as it cooks while avoiding splatters, making it safer and improving the efficiency with which you can cook all of your favorite dishes.

  • The Krups deep fryer disassembles easily, making for quick and efficient cleaning and transportation.

  • The air carbon filter in the model equipped with ventilation technology also ensures that you minimize the number of odors that you experience while using the deep fryer, which makes for a more comfortable cooking experience and fewer lingering odors in your kitchen.

  • The Krups deep fryer also features cool-touch handles, which ensure that you can cook your favorite dishes with the utmost safety, reducing the potential for burned fingers in the kitchen.

  • Con: A slightly higher price point (around $399 retail) compared to other deep fryers means that it’s recommended for those who plan to use the deep fryer on a regular basis. However, I found mine for this test review on Amazon for only $218 at this listing.

higher price point

The Final Verdict: Would I Buy It Again?

The biggest advantage of the fryer beyond its number of features and solid construction is its ventilation system, which cuts down on lingering odors.

Krups deep fryer

The bottom line, it’s a very solid fryer from a reputable company. One of the better ones I’ve tested.

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