The Definitive Guide to Deep Frying

Let’s face it, everything deep fried tastes better. Whether you are deep frying oreo’s or zucchini, this page is meant to serve as a general resource for all things deep frying. It’s the one stop learning center for all things deep fried. Below you will find a library of our guides and instructional’s as well as helpful tips, buying guides, and safety information.

Step One: What Do You Want to Fry?

Main Courses

Deep fried dinner! That’s what this section is all about. Check out our top recipes for family style feeding below:


Snacks and Sides

Snacks are perfect for deep frying. They are also much easier to execute then – say – a whole turkey. They can make create starters or appetizers without leaving you feeling guilty (although we are GUILT FREE around here!). The following are some quick and easy Snacks and Sides.

Deep Frying Zucchini

Veggies make excellent deep fried snacks. It’s healthy AND fried??? Not so fast… but it IS tasty.

Deep Frying Pickles

There is something about the combination of SOUR and FRIED that really gets people excited. If you haven’t tried deep fried pickles, you are missing out.

Desserts and Sweets

All desserts taste better deep fried. Let’s not kid ourselves, you were going to have that sweet craving anyway. Why not deep fry it for a change? The following are some indulgent items that make excellent deep fried candidates.

Deep Frying Twinkies

Two great American past-times; Twinkies and Deep Frying! You probably shouldn’t have this everyday (although we wouldn’t blame you), but you HAVE to try it at least once in your life. The way Twinkies are produced make them prime targets for your voracious deep fryers.

Step Two: How Much Do You Want to Fry?

This will determine your planning and purchasing decisions. While you can definitely get away with home frying without machinery, we’d recommend at least investing in a small home fryer if you are doing any regular amount of frying.

No Deep Fryer?

Some people don’t want to invest in a home fryer, especially if just starting out. We get that. While we recommend “Frequent Fryers” invest in a proper home fryer, you can fry at home without one.

So What Do You Need? 

Small Batch Frying

The following are some excellent “starter” fryers, perfect for getting your feet wet and experimenting with different recipes. You probably won’t have enough for the whole family, but these are a good start.

Family Style or Larger

These machines are perfect for family style cooking. If you know your recipes and have a larger number of mouths to feed, we’d recommend investigating the following machines.

Step Three: How Frequently Do You Want to Fry?

  • If you just want a general overview *

Easy to Clean Deep Fryers

Any time you deep fry, things can get messy. Deep frying machines have a bunch of different crevices and crannies for oil to get stuck. Thankfully, some devices are easier to clean than others. Below you’ll find our top recommendation for easy to clean fryers.

  • oil filtration  *

coming in at around $115

You can read my full T-Fal Review Here

You can read my full T-Fal Review Here

Durable Deep Fryers

In our experience, some deep fryers last longer than others. Particularly if you are a frequent fryer (no pun intended), this is an important consideration. Our top recommendation for a durable fryer are below:

it sells for about $96 at this listing

Step Four: Safety Precautions

Every year – particularly around Thanksgiving and Christmas – hundreds of people are injured and some die due to deep frying accidents. Most of these accidents are very preventable with just a little general knowledge.

  • Don’t Deep Fry Turkey’s Indoors:  Try and stay at least 1o feet away from your house when deep frying a turkey. Because turkeys are larger than most deep frying operations – and many people don’t use proper fryers – deep frying turkey is especially risky.

  • Monitor Temperatures:  Always be aware of what temperature your frying items are at. This can help save you from painful burns. Try and use a fryer that has a temperature gauge/device.

Educational Resources for Deep Frying

The following are some really awesome deep frying resources that we’ve used over the years. You should check them out too!

How to Deep Fry Just About Anything: 

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