Oster Deep Fryer Reviews – Is the Oster a Good Home Fryer?

You can easily make funnel cakes, cheese sticks, French fries, fried chicken, fish fillets and more for an entire crowd of people with this durable kitchen appliance. There’s no need to splatter oil all over your kitchen by deep frying on the stovetop anymore; by purchasing an electric deep fryer you can make all of your favorite fried foods in a lidded appliance that makes cleanup significantly easier. Don’t want to use traditional deep fryer oil? Since the oil you use in this appliance can be strained and reused, you can use whatever type of oil you’d like without worrying about needing to get rid of it after every use.

Leading Features of the Oster Deep Fryer

  • This fryer can hold up to 4 liters of oil.

  • It can cook up to 1.5 pounds of food, making it ideal for large families and parties.

  • The 1700 watt heating system makes sure that your oil is always at the perfect temperature.

  • It features a 60 minute digital timer with a signal bell, so you can set your fryer to the desired time and you know exactly when it’s ready.

  • The adjustable thermostat makes it easy to heat your oil to your exact desired temperature for each recipe.

  • It has a locking lid with dual filters that help reduce the odors of oil, so you can deep fry plenty of food without worrying about your kitchen smelling like a fast food restaurant.

  • Two separate lights – power and ready – allow you to know when the appliance is on and when the oil is heated to your desired temperature.

  • The cool-touch folding handle on the fry basket allows you to handle the appliance without burning yourself.

  • The fry basket automatically rises and falls into two separate positions (fry and drain), so you don’t have to move it.


  • The stainless steel body makes it easy to clean.

  • The parts can be easily disassembled and are all dishwasher safe (except for the heating element), allowing for even easier cleanup.

  • The thermostat makes it easy to regulate oil temperatures, as opposed to traditional stove deep frying where you don’t know what temperature your oil is at without a thermometer.

  • Since the appliance has a light letting you know the power is on, you’ll be able to easily tell whether or not you accidentally left it on after use.

  • You can raise and lower the basket while the lid is shut, which helps reduce oil splatter.

  • It is a very large capacity fryer for a low price (under $100).

  • The fryer gets hot enough that it makes food perfectly crispy without being too greasy.


  • It takes about 10-15 minutes to heat up the oil, which is longer than other fryer models.

  • The magnetic power cord can easily become detached if accidentally knocked during use.

  • The appliance doesn’t filter the oil itself, so you’ll need to strain the oil before reusing.

  • There is no window on the lid, so you can’t see how fried your food is without opening the lid and risking oil splatter.

  • Since the fryer is so large it uses a lot of oil; even though you can reuse the oil a couple of times it can get costly if you are using nicer oils.

  • The latch that closes the lid is a very thin piece of plastic, so a lot of people have had trouble keeping the lid closed while frying.

  • If you open the lid while frying the oil temperature drops quickly, so you need to make sure to keep it shut while in use.

  • It takes a while to cool down, so you need to leave it out for a while before draining the oil and storing it.

  • Some people have had problems with the control center overheating which melts off the thermostat knob.

With the Oster 4 Liter Deep Fryer, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for an introductory fryer that will cook for two people up to an entire group of people, this may be the perfect option. While it may not be as good quality as higher priced models, people on a budget will be able to create tasty meals and snacks with this fryer without much fuss. The customer service is great, so if you have any problems with this appliance they will send you a new one. Though there are both pros and cons to this appliance, if you’re just starting out with electric home deep fryers this is a perfect starting point for those who want the convenience of a home fryer without too many fancy add-ons. Hopefully, these Oster Deep Fryer reviews can help you make an informed decision. See below for the latest pricing and deals on this appliance.

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