Emeril Deep Fryer Review – 2.65 Pound Fryer

This deep fryer also has a one year limited warranty, so if you have any troubles within the first year you can get them fixed. Plus, who doesn’t want to cook like Emeril?

Top Features

  • This appliance includes an oil change indicator light, which lets you know as soon as your oil needs to be changed.

  • As soon as your oil is cooled, it gets filtered and is automatically drained into a re-sealable storage container. No need to drain or get rid of your oil every time you use this fryer! Oil can be reused up to 15 different times.

  • It features a digital thermostat, so you always know exactly what temperature you are heating your oil to.

  • It has a temperature ready light to let you know when the oil is heated to the desired temperature.

  • The large tank can hold over 3 liters of cooking oil, so it’s perfect for large gatherings.

  • The pot can hold approximately 2 ½ pounds of food, so there’s no need to make a bunch of different batches of food – you can make everything in one round.

  • Cool touch handles reduce the risk of burning yourself on the appliance.

  • The viewing window on the lid allows you to keep track of your food without splattering oil all over your kitchen.

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  • The stainless steel appliance is extremely easy to clean.

  • All of the parts can be removed and are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

  • The fryer automatically filters out bits of food when storing the oil, so you don’t need to strain it yourself.

  • Because of the large pot size, you can deep fry full fish and chicken breasts without needing to chop them up first.

  • The 1700 watt professional grade heating element heats up oil fast, so you can easily make last minute meals in no time. It maintains the temperature and ensures that your food is fried evenly every time.

  • It has an emergency reset feature that keeps it from overheating due to low oil or no oil.

  • Since you can reuse the oil many times, you can use higher grade oil for frying without worrying about the cost.

  • The four preset temperatures are the four best temperature settings that professional chefs use for deep frying foods.

  • The frying basket has two different positions: frying and draining, so you can easily switch between the two with no hassle.

  • The cord is almost 3 feet in length, so you can easily plug in this appliance anywhere without hassle. Since the cord is magnetic, it reduces accidents caused by other appliances getting caught on the cord.

  • This appliance comes with a recipe book that includes some of Emeril’s own recipes – perfect for those who are new to deep frying or are simply looking for some fresh ideas.

  • Foods are less greasy than their fast food alternatives.


  • Though the oil tank has fill lines inside the tank, they can be difficult to see when filling and it can easily overflow if you aren’t careful.

  • The magnetic strip on the power cord can be weak sometimes and fall off without warning.

  • Some people have reported leaking problems with the filtration system, and you need to make sure the oil container is in exactly the right place before it begins to filter.

  • The fryer is very large, so it may not be easy to store (19.1×12.6×16 inches).

If you’re someone who loves the comfort of fried food but doesn’t like heading out to their local fast food restaurant every time they get a craving, the Emeril 2.65 pound Deep Fryer is perfect for you. This particular model is especially helpful for those with large families or who tend to host large social gatherings. Chicken wings are easily fried for a Sunday football game, and a large quantity of chicken nuggets is easily made for all of those hungry kids. The oil filtration system makes cleanup a breeze, and the four preset temperatures take all the guesswork out of cooking. The next time you have a desire to run out and grab some fries, think about how much better they would be if you could make them in your own home.

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