How to Make Deep Fried Zucchini – Deep Frying Zucchini 101

Deep frying is not for everyone – in this health conscious day and age, many people are steering away from consuming large amounts of fats or oils that they feel have a negative effect on the body – but, there is no doubt, that deep frying certain vegetables, does add a great deal of flavor as well as texture, and secretly, we all desire a bowl of crunchy, tasty deep fried yumminess!  Air Frying has increased in popularity as a healthier way to eat, but this poses difficulties in producing a great result in something like delicious battered and deep fried zucchini – not quite the same!

About Zucchini

Zucchini, or ‘courgettes’ as they are known in some parts of the world are inexpensive, full of flavor, easy and fast to home-grow, and with a multitude of uses due to their versatility.

Did the explorer, Christopher Columbus (the guy who was supposed to have discovered them on his travels and brought them back to Europe) ever taste these vegetables – if he did, he certainly never had deep fried ones on board ship! More recently, the popularity of zucchini has been attributed to Italy, where they are used prolifically in many dishes, but the main use is for ‘zucchini fritti’ – a pseudo-Italian version of French fries!

One of the tastiest methods of incorporating zucchini into any of your meals is by deep frying – whether simply cut into strips, matchsticks or rounds, dipped in batter and cooked, or made into fritters, combined with other ingredients.

Zucchini, which are a sub-genus of the squash family come in many shapes and sizes from long and green or yellow, to round or saucer like (known as patty pans in other countries), so many shapes and sizes.  Varieties of this vegetable can range from small and flying-saucer shaped, to dark-green and tennis ball-sized, to long and yellow. The smaller the zucchini, the more flavour they impart and early picking is recommended.

For deep frying, you can use a stand-alone deep fat fryer or simply fill up a big pot with oil – whichever way, as long as the oil is at the right temperature, and the zucchini are immersed, the result is pretty much the same! They should be delicious and crisp if they are coated with the right amount of fluffy batter. As an accompaniment to a meal, or on their own with a tangy dip, they are so mouth-watering! Using a frying basket is much easier, as you can happily cook in batches, and be able to remove the zucchini at the same time, rather than having a major panic as some are cooking faster than others!

Have a hunt round your shops – there a cute little ‘mini frying baskets’ to be found, which serve up enough for 2 portions if you are having a cosy dinner party. They immerse really easily into your fryer or pot of oil, so you don’t need to batch cook!

When deep-frying zucchini, it is best to use those that are still quite hard, in order to achieve the crispness that you want in the finished dish. When choosing your vegetable, any that are soft and a little ‘floppy’, have become overripe and will have lost their flavor. NEVER take the skin off, you will end up with a watery mess with very little flavour to enjoy. Always ‘top and tail’ to remove the growth end (this is where the zucchini flower would have been). If you are lucky enough to buy zucchini with their flowers still intact (bright yellow leaves), you can also use these by stuffing them and deep frying as well. Turn yourself into a master chef!

Achieving those lovely, golden and crispy deep-fried zucchini is not just about the vegetable itself – it really is ‘all in the batter’ that you choose to use. Seasoning the batter mix is also important – salt and pepper are important additions, but there are great variations using a light chilli powder or cayenne pepper, to give them that little hint of spice. A light and airy batter can be achieved in several ways – using egg whites is a classic recipe, or in some cases, chefs favour beer batter. The yeast in most beers provides the aeration needed for light and fluffy, but crisp zucchini. It is also important not to overcoat the zucchini with too much batter. It is best to ‘drip-dry’ the courgette sticks by shaking off any excess batter before deep frying. Almost a ‘tempura’ style of deep frying.

Alternatively, dipping in egg and coating in panko breadcrumbs is another very successful method – the crunch of panko crumbs whether it be zucchini or delicious fried chicken, is more than a memorable taste in your mouth!

Simple ‘How To’ for Battered Deep Fried Garlic Zucchini Strips


Preparation Time:

Cook Time:  


  • 2 pints of vegetable oil (or wherever the level is if you are using a separate deep fat fryer)

  • 2 medium sized zucchini, cut into matchstick strips

  • 1½ cups flour

  • 1tsp garlic powder

  • ½tsp salt

  • 2tsp paprika (or cayenne or Cajun spice mix)

  • 1 large egg, beaten


Heat oil to 350°F.

Cut the zucchini into the required strips, or if preferred, you can cut them into rounds.

Mix the flour, paprika and garlic powder together until fully combined. You can use a flat plate or if you prefer, place the ingredients in a zip lock bag and shake to mix. You may find that the plate is better as you can mix it with your hands so that the spices are more evenly distributed.

Dip the zucchini strips or rounds into the beaten egg, then coat really well in the seasoned flour, covering as much as possible. Shake each piece gently to remove any excess lumps of flour, and place on a clean plate.

Make sure you have a clean plate nearby, covered in kitchen paper so that you can drain the zucchini immediately they have fried enough.

Drop the frying basket into the hot oil and fry for 1 minute.  Lift the basket and check to see how golden the zucchini are. Shake a little to move them around.

Drop back into the fryer, and cook for a further minute. Lift up, and check that the zucchini are cooked – they should be just lightly golden. If you cook for too long, they will go dark and not taste so good!

Carefully tip the zucchini onto the kitchen paper, to soak up any excess oil.

Voila! You are ready to eat these tasty morsels. You don’t have to eat them as part of a main meal – they are just as good as a snack with a garlic mayonnaise dip. Enjoy!

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