Our Secura Triple Fry Basket Fryer Review

Secura Triple Fry Deep Fryer


  • Easy to clean

  • Excellent capacity

  • Timer shuts whole machine off when complete

  • Good basket design for draining

  • Affordable price


  • Short power cord

  • Takes up counter space

Most deep fryers feature a single basket with a limited capacity of up to a liter of oil, restricting the amount of food you can cook at one time.

The basket handles attach easily to the wire baskets, making it easy to lower the food into the hot oil as well as lift it out when it’s done cooking.

The Secura Triple Basket Fryer offers several other features that make it an excellent choice for any home cook.

  • The powerful 1700W element heats up your oil quickly, so there’s no sitting around and waiting as with other fryers that heat up more slowly.

  • Splatter-safe lid: Oil splatter is almost always an issue with any fryer, but the Secura addresses the problem with a splatter-protecting lid that fits over the top of the fryer. The lid features slots that accommodate the basket handles and a see-through window so you can keep an eye on the progress of your food without taking the lid off (wiping a little oil on the window will prevent condensation from clouding your view). The lid is a good safety feature, but do be aware that it does not lock into place, so use caution.

Splatter-safe lid:

  • Timer: A timer that can be adjusted up to 60 minutes controls the heating element. This gives you enough time to complete all your cooking, and then the unit will shut off automatically when the time is up. Although you should make sure to turn the fryer off when you’re done, you can rest a little easier knowing that it will turn itself off after a set amount of time (just in case you forget).

  • Filter: The Secura Triple Basket Fryer has a carbon-activated filter, which reduces odors as you cook. This filter must be replaced every six months to keep it functioning optimally. Replacing the filter is easy and quick, and new filters may be purchased from Secura customer service.

  • Adjustable heat settings: Adjustable heat means that you can fine-tune your frying just the way you want it.

  • Easy cleaning: Cleaning the Secura Triple Basket Fryer is easy. When the unit is cool, lift out the heating element and control panel; remove the oil pot and pour out the remaining oil. Then you can separate the fryer into several pieces for easy washing.

  • Good value: The Secura Triple Basket Fryer features many of the same perks as more expensive fryers, but at a much more competitive price. That’s a nice perk in and of itself for those who want the convenience and fun of frying at home with a good quality fryer but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg.

A Few Cons to Consider

This fryer does have a few features that some buyers may consider drawbacks, depending on their cooking needs and preferences.

For starters, it comes with a very short power cord

Also, if you’re looking for a small fryer that’s simple to use, this one may not be your best choice.

Final Assessment

The large capacity, separate baskets, adjustable heat, and ease of cleaning make this fryer a popular choice for buyers. All in all, the Secura Triple Basket Fryer is an excellent option for those who wish to cook larger batches of food (or more than one type of food) and are also looking for a good deal.

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